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Previous Employment

Company Name Product city property

Sales Assistant

Mainly responsible for telephone data collection and distribution, telephone sales, and responsible for collecting market information.

Company Name NOVEMBER 2016 - MAY 2017


Jinzhong Living Network is mainly responsible for the operation of Weixin public number, small program micro mall, customer data collection and collation, mobile function page design and construction, site optimization and promotion of SEOER and Baidu SEM paid promotion.

Professional skills

Just started to contact the Weixin platform, slowly contact the website construction, and then learn Web site WEB front-end production, to small program development, small program micro mall construction, and began to learn website seo, Baidu sem, DSP and other whole-network marketing. Information flow, video production, video editing, copywriting, picture PS and other basic skills.


  • Photoshop
  • pr
  • Ae


  • JavaScript
  • PHP

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